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The USDJPY H4 Balance of Power Mt4 Expert Advisor

While there are many different strategies out there… we are a FIRM believer that you should have multiple EAs with different strategies on different Forex Pairs running in one portfolio. This EA should not be the only Expert Advisor running in your portfolio. This should be one of the many EAs in your portfolio. Give us a little time and we will release more proven EAs (at wholesale price) that you can incorporate into your portfolio to make it one heck of a robust MT4 account.


  • It’s already comes FULLY Optimized – No Need to Change Anything Else
  • It’s Extremely Safe because it uses little leverage. No way of blowing up your account.
  • With Predetermined Take Profit and Stop Loss, you can sleep well at night and just allow it to run 24/5
  • When the Market Conditions are right, it will open trades on complete Auto-pilot
  • 100% automated means there’s no room for Human Error or Emotions



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