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Price Action 5 – Enter and Exit Any Position Early

You’re probably wondering how you can trade only a few minutes a day and make consistent profits.

Well, before I tell you that, I have to bust a vicious trading myth…

Traders somehow get into their heads that the “best” way to make money trading is to daytrade. This is totally, utterly and absolutely false – and I’ll prove it to you!

When you trade intraday there are many, many factors running against you that make trading lower timeframes harder to trade… there is more “noise” on lower timeframes… news-spikes can take you out of trades… brokers can run your stops… the list goes on!

Trading higher timeframes is easier and more profitable…

This is why Price Action 5™ uses higher timeframes – it makes us more money!

But trading higher timeframes is just a very small part of what makes Price Action 5™ such a simple and hugely profitable strategy.

Price Action 5™ has five rules that we follow before we take a trade.

By using these five rules we increase the probability of any trade working out for us to the point where our win-ratio is insane!

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