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Key Advantages of the EA:

  • No martiginale or grid.
  • Always use of stop loss to protect capital.
  • User-friendly.
  • Optimizable for all currency pairs (already optimized for: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, GBPJPY, EURJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURGBP, AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDUSD, EURAUD and XUAUSD).
  • Works for ALL years SINCE 2000 with one setting!
  • Very good Risk/Reward ratio.
  • Based on true Price Action signals on daily charts.
  • No scalping, no hedging.
  • Low drawdown.
  • slippage or spread-size don’t really matter.
  • Works on all brokers!.
  • Never need to optimize again!

PA-TRADE uses 3 different trade-entry strategies combined in 1 EA:

– Strategy 1: ​INSIDE BARS: The formation of inside bars is a good sign that price will break out strongly in one direction. PA-TRADE detects these inside bar formations and trade on the breakout of the mother candle.

– Strategy 2: PINBARS: The formation of a pinbar on a daily charts is a clear indication that the price is being rejected at a certain level. These pinbars are a good price action pattern to consider when looking for profitable trades. PA-TRADE detects these pinbars and selects a good entry point for the trade (sometimes at the break of the pinbar, sometimes at a retracement of the pinbar).

– Strategy 3: HIGH/LOW BREAKOUTS: When the price break through the high or low of a longer period on the daily charts, it is a good indication that price will move to new highs or lows. PA-TRADE trades these breakouts always respecting a good Risk/Reward ratio.

NEW!! Strategy 4: ENGULFING BARS (see below): When the daily candle of the previous day totally engulfs the daily candle from the day before that one (close above the ‘high’ of a bearish bar, or close below the ‘low’ of a bullish bar), is an indication that the price will move strongly in that direction, especially in a strong trend.


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  1. Thank you for elaborating all of these strategies I guess, useful details here in the post. By the way, the second one, Pinbar, it would be my favorite.

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