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MorningPips – 100 Pips before Breakfast by ForexStrategiesWork

The strategy picks specific, critical points in the market that offer us huge potential rewards, but more importantly, absolutely minimal risk. Take a look at another chart from my own trade collection…

These charts are typical examples of the trades that the strategy makes.

There is no faking of numbers or results – there are actual examples of real trades. Here is another trade…

As you can see from the examples above – my charts are pretty clean. There are no additional indicators to “help” you – like they ever do help – they just end up confusing you!

When you fill your chart with indicators you end up with the inevitable ANALYSIS PARALYSIS!

You have so many different pieces of information on the chart that they all end up conflicting and you have no clue whether to buy or sell! Maybe you “feel” more comfortable having indicators on your charts.

And that’s fine, I’ve been there, but…

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