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Forex Prowler

Instant download (…you’re going to be trading this system in just a few minutes from now – no frustrated weeks of waiting for the mail to arrive!)
bullet Know in advance when a trade is will appear (…I’ve designed this system so you don’t have to sit in front of the screen all day – you’ll “see” the moves well before that happen!)
bullet Multiple take-profit strategies (…I provide you with complete, “done-for-you” take-profit methods – so all you have to do is choose whether you want a fast, quick profit …or a bigger, “meatier” profit!)
bullet Super-tight, “no-brainer” stoplosses (…you don’t even have to think about the trade once it’s been placed – the simple system rules do everything for you!)
bullet No big draw-downs (…the rock-solid, tried-and-tested rules keep your capital safe and secure!)
bullet No psychological “swings” (…the simple, 1-2-3 rules ensure you never make a trading decisions again!)
bullet Just 3 Simple steps to enter and exit a trade (…no complicated rules to follow – if you can click a mouse button …then you can trade this system!)
bullet Comes with Metatrader4 template (…you don’t even need to setup your charts – I’ve done that for you by providing my personal Metatrader4™ template!)
bullet Trade any pair (…you have complete freedom in choosing what pairs you want to trade because this system is based on rock-solid, fundamental market principles that work!)
bullet Trade any timeframe (…if you’re still holding down that “day-job”, then choose the timeframe that works for you and start pulling in the pips in your spare time!)
bullet Use any broker (…you’re not “locked-in” to specific brokers or trading platforms – you have absolute freedom in choosing who you want to trade with!)
bullet Keeps you out of “choppy” market times (…the advanced trade-filtering techniques help ensure that you only take the most high-probability trades!)
bullet Demo before going live (…make sure the system does exactly what I say it does before putting your own hard-earned cash on the line – you’ll have 100% confidence before risking a single penny!)
bullet If you’re already making money (…this system can boost your profits and take your trading account to the “next level” if you’re ready for it!)
bullet Jump on massive, screaming, white-knuckle momentum trades (…it’s the never-before-seen, “hacked” part of this system that’s going to give you hold-on-for-your-life super-trades that will leave you breathless!)
bullet “Done For You” take-profit levels (…not only do I tell you where to get and where to put your stoploss – but the take-profit is managed for you as well!)
bullet Future-proof methods (…these methods have worked for years – and will continue to work for years – because they are based on market principles that simply can’t change!)
bullet Easy, repeatable trade setups (…I’ve designed the system so that all you have to do is rinse-and-repeat …and repeat …and repeat …and the profit takes care of itself!
bullet Stop getting killed picking “tops and bottoms” (…stick to the high-momentum, fast-as-hell, quick-and-easy moves that this system picks out for you!)

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