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Forex Cruncher – Premium Trading Robot

FOREX CRUNCHER opens only 2 trades MAX!  And every trade is set with a extremely tight stoploss, so NO BIG DRAWDOWN that can cause a margin call!  Also NO lagging indicators are used what so ever!  FOREX CRUNCHER is build on a SAFE and UNIQUE breakout-algorithm that uses PRICE ACTION to trigger the entry of a trade.  So it doesn’t matter what year or month is it: THE SYSTEM ALWAYS WORKS!  You’ll NEVER need to re-optimize again!  This is tested with TICKDATA (99.9% Accuracy) SINCE 2000!  It has a average RISK/REWARD RATIO of 1:2, so for every 2 losses, you only need 1 WIN to recover!  Further, your capital is always protected  thanks to our GENUINE MONEY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, that automatically adapts risk to the size of your account.  So your capital is ALWAYS PROTECTED!


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