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Forex Candlestick Magic

“Who else wants to Master the art of identifying
Precise Entry & Exit points using Forex Candlesticks! ”

Here Enters the mighty “Forex Candlesticks”

I ran into Forex Candlestick. The one reliable indicator that can tell whole lot of things about the forex market everytime, precisely!

Initially, when i started learning about candlesticks, I used to think, how can this candle shaped stick help me so much with my trading issues?

But once I started learning and importantly, started using forex candlesticks, I started asking myself –  “Why was I trading without using this indicator earlier?”

After using candlesticks, I clearly started noticing the trend continuation patterns, reversal patterns.

I also started to notice when to enter the trade, when to close the trade and also when to stay away from the market!



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