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EZ Trader PRO

Realistic Gains Of Up To 10+% Per Month

EZ Trader PRO

How EZ Trader PRO Works:


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    The software searches for the most optimal trade opportunities. It eliminates all unacceptable false trade signals. We set the bar fairly high. No dangerous methods used, no martingale, no grid, the safest trading algorithm possible with exceptional accuracy.

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    EZ Trader PRO only trades on the EUR/USD because this pair is the most heavily traded, so it’s characteristics are well known. Only trading this one pair makes this strategy significantly more streamlined compared to other robots which trade numerous pairs. This approach allowed me to concentrate my focus on making the algorithm really solid for just one pair, instead of marginally good on many pairs.

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    The advanced trading algorithm discards the highest risk trades, the net number of trades is typically 10 – 20 per month. The reduced number of trades is because the vast majority of these are winners, the result is more profit on far fewer trades. In fact, at one point we reached 51 consecutive winning trades! Which is virtually unheard of!!

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